4 Ways I Start My Morning To Ensure A Productive Day

If you’ve been following along with my (sporadic) blog posts, you’ll know that my main resolution this year is to really take care of my physical and mental health. One thing I’ve realised in striving toward this resolution is that I operate best when I have a routine, so I’ve established a few small morning habits that help me have a more productive, fulfilling day. Most of these things are things I used to think I didn’t have time for; but as they say, it’s not about time—it’s about priorities. Of course everyone is different and our bodies don’t all work the same way, but these routines have helped me personally feel my best so that I can enjoy my day better.

Early morning workout

I like to get my daily workout in as early as possible. On a normal weekday I wake up a little before 7am so I can get to the gym while it’s still pretty empty. Working out in the morning gives me more time in my day for other tasks, gives me more energy throughout the day, and doesn’t leave it hanging over my head until the evening. Plus, my brain and body love getting that little endorphin rush at the beginning of the day! My go-to is a full-body weight training circuit—weightlifting makes me feel super strong and empowered, especially when I push myself to lift heavier weights or do more reps. But if I’m not feeling up to that, I like to throw on a podcast and hop on a treadmill instead.


I never used to eat breakfast. In high school I was either sleeping or swimming in the morning and I never made time to eat anything before school. That habit stuck with me for years after I graduated—until I started exercising every morning. Recent research has shown that breakfast actually isn’t as essential as we used to think it was (so don’t stress too much if you can’t squeeze in a morning meal) but I get starving after working out and I like having the little morning energy boost that breakfast gives me. My favourite breakfast is a long black and a protein shake—I like to load up on the protein in the morning and save my carbs for my bigger meals later in the day.


I’m a religious person, so I like to start my morning praying and reading the bible. I subscribe to different devotions and reading plans through She Reads Truth so that I can get more out of what I’m reading. It brings me a huge sense of peace and purpose every morning by connecting with my faith. If you’re not religious, try meditating or even a little bit of yoga. They’re all great ways to clear your mind and get into a positive headspace before you begin your day.

Getting dressed

This one might be kind of dumb, but I’ve discovered recently that the way I dress myself everyday has a way bigger impact on my mood and motivation than I previously realised. Lounging around in my activewear for ages after getting home from the gym de-motivates me and can even put me in a grouchy mood. If I shower and get dressed (into something nice—not just sweats and a t-shirt!) as soon as I come home from the gym and then eat my breakfast while I do my hair and makeup, I feel infinitely more motivated to get things done in my day. You can read more about the psychology behind this here—it’s a super interesting read!

I love my little morning routine, and practising it nearly every day for two months has formed it into a habit. These little habits make my day more fulfilling, productive, and enjoyable. Have you got a morning routine or little habits you couldn’t live without? Let me know in the comments!

Making Your Morning Routine More Eco-Friendly

The more I educate myself on environmental issues, the more I realise that there are so many small parts of my daily routine that are harmful to the environment. It’s really easy to become set in your ways and overlook the tiny things you do that are having a massive impact on the environment.

Here’s a list of tweaks you can make to your morning routine that will make your day a little more eco-friendly.



Plastic razors are super bad for the environment, especially the disposable ones that come in packs of a trillion and only last through shaving one armpit. Try switching over to safety razors or razors made out of recycled plastic; or, you know, you could just let it grow.

Brushing your pearly whites


Plastic toothbrushes fall into the same category as plastic razors: no bueno for planet Earth. Try using a recyclable, bamboo toothbrush instead! Bamkiki is a particularly awesome brand of bamboo toothbrushes because they donate 5% of their profits to an environment-focused charity. While we’re on the subject, be conscious of your water usage when you’re brushing your teeth! Don’t leave the tap running while you brush and try to be aware of how much water you’re using vs how much water you actually need to use.

Removing your makeup


I only recently found out through my lovely friend Meg that makeup wipes are completely awful for the environment. Most brands of wipes contain a lot of plastic, which makes it really hard for them to decompose and impossible to recycle. A more eco-friendly option is Face Halo: makeup remover pads that only require water to take off your face. When they get dirty, just rinse them or chuck them in the washing machine—they last for up to 200 machine washes!

Packing your lunch


Using single-use plastic bags is such a waste when there are so many eco-friendly, reusable options out there. Use tupperware, a lunchbox, cotton sandwich bags, or beeswax wrap. If you have easy access to a recycling bin, use paper bags instead of plastic. If you’re in need of cutlery, invest in some reusable cutlery sets; this one even comes with a stainless steel straw and straw cleaner. And don’t forget to pack a travel mug for your coffee or tea and a water bottle!



Leaving things like your chargers, your hair straightener, your coffee maker, etc. plugged in uses energy whether or not they’re turned on or plugged into a device. Unplugging them from the wall when you’re done using them will take 2 seconds and pretty much no effort, but will save tons of energy (and $$$).

Cooling down


If it’s warm out, instead of switching on a fan or the AC, try just opening your windows! An added bonus of this is that sunlight kills tons of germs and bacteria and fresh air is great for your health, both physically and mentally.

Don’t be a ding dong


There are hundreds more ways to be more eco-friendly throughout your day—this is just the tip of the iceberg. In general, just try not to be a dodo about your daily routine and how it affects the world around you. Try to stay away from excessive plastic packaging, don’t litter, recycle when you can, and use as little water as possible. It’s not hard; it just requires a little extra thought.