2018/19 Travel Wishlist

I’ve had an incredible 21 years of travelling under my belt. I’ve been to so many amazing countries and had some pretty unforgettable experiences (South African safaris, Italian fashion shows, surfing at Waikiki Beach—you get the picture). But, of course, there still remain hundreds of countries left to visit and an infinite amount of memories to make.

This year I was blown away by how thoughtful all my birthday presents were. I felt so loved opening my gifts and seeing how much thought had gone into each one. One of the best gifts I received this year was from my ever-generous parents, who gifted me an overseas trip that I can take whenever, to wherever, with McKenzie, their pseudo-daughter (yes, I do know that I’m the luckiest girl in the world).

Obviously I immediately went into Planning Overdrive™, making lists of all the places I want to visit, the best time of the year to visit each place, the biggest tourist attractions of each place as well as the lesser known attractions, and even what I’d wear while travelling. After a little while, my list got way too long, my hand cramped from writing, and McKenzie was probably annoyed at the endless texts I was sending her asking for her opinion on everything.

So as usual, I’ve taken to my blog to make sense of the blur of ideas I have. Here’s a list of the top places I want to travel to in 2018/19.

If you have any suggestions, please leave a comment below! I’m always open to advice or recommendations.



You can’t tell me Amsterdam isn’t the most romantic-looking city ever. It’s straight out of a fairytale. I mean, come on—it even makes me kind of like the look of snow.



Blue Lagoon. Enough said.



I visited Salzburg a few years ago and fell in love; I’ve been dreaming of Vienna ever since. I mean, it looks like a Christmas village year-round—what more could I ask for?



Ever since my parents and younger brother went to Ireland (yes, without me) when I was 15, I’ve been absolutely desperate to go. I practically go to bed dreaming of sipping hot coffee while standing on the edge of the Cliffs of Moher and dancing in an actual Irish pub and getting lost in bookstores in Dublin.



Living in Australia, it’s so cheap and easy to get to Asia that it’s astonishing I haven’t seen more of it than I have. I reckon those photos say it all.

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