My Favourite Fashion Instagrammers

As a whole, Instagram is basically a booty-shot, fitness-model-filled, selfie-laden hellscape. And look, maybe you’re on there for the booty shots and heavily edited selfies and videos of fitness models yelling protein ball recipes at you. No judgment. But personally, I like my homepage to be filled with fashion weeks and runway shows and Maria Grazia Chiuri’s latest creative genius. So if you’re looking to add a little fashion to your feed, take some inspiration from this list* of my favourite fashion Instagram accounts.

*Watch this space for updates

Camille Charrière


Camille Charrière is easily my favourite fashion influencer. She’s a Paris-born, London-based freelance fashion journalist and full time fashion goddess. I’m absolutely obsessed with her cool-girl casual style and how she makes every outfit look utterly effortless—so obsessed, in fact, that I wrote an entire essay about her as a journalist and a microceleb. Her closet is universal and stylish, but made unique by key statement pieces like an acne fuzzy jacket, checkered wide-leg trousers, or a mustard velvet suit jacket.

Signature style: warm, neutral tones; long, ankle-grazing coats and dresses; chunky jackets and sweaters.

Monica Ainley/de la Villadière


If you’ve followed Camille Charrière, you’ll inevitably run into Monica Ainley’s account sooner or later. She’s a fashion writer and co-hosts the Fashion No Filter podcast with Camille (which I listen to religiously, obviously). I’ve loved loved loved Monica’s timeless style since the day I hit the follow button, but the look that sealed the deal for me was her wedding outfit: a white tailored suit by Joseph. A suit! For her wedding! I have an embarrassingly huge girl crush.

Signature style: a mum from the 1980s. But not a regular mum. A cool mum. Who wears a pantsuit to her own wedding.

Caroline Daur


So basically, I don’t understand 95% of what Caroline Daur is saying in her Instagram stories since she speaks a German-English hybrid, but I watch them on repeat anyway because I don’t want to miss out on one of her killer outfits. She’s a fashion/beauty/fitness/travel/lifestyle/food blogger, i.e. a modern Renaissance woman and everything I aspire to be.

Signature style: schoolgirl prep meets street style.

Alex Badia


Alex Badia is the Style Director of Women’s Wear Daily and his Instagram is my go-to for fashion news (after, like, Business of Fashion, obviously). His feed is chock full of front-row views of runway shows, updates from fashion weeks, and street style shots. Plus, his own style is A+.

Signature style: bold prints and colours; layers; statement pieces.

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