Autumn Must-Haves That Aren’t Rain Boots and Sweaters

Even though it’s only February, I’m already craving the cool, crisp days of autumn. Autumn is hands down my favourite season; I love being able to drink hot coffee again, I love the colours in the trees, I love how cosy everything feels—I even love going back to uni (I know, I’m a nerd).

But one of my absolute favourite things about autumn is the fashion. By the end of summer I’m always totally sick of short shorts and tank tops and slip dresses. Every year I look forward to the transition into long sleeves and jeans and boots. It’s just cold enough for a blanket scarf, but still too warm to have to stack on four layers before leaving the house.

So in anticipation of the best season of the year, here’s my 2018 fall fashion wishlist.

Layered tops


The early 2000s are making a definite fashion comeback, and while I struggle to get around a lot of the trends (let low-rise jeans die already!), I have to admit that I was pretty stoked about the whole tshirt-over-long-sleeves thing making a reappearance. As a kid, I really hated when my mum would make me wear a skivvy underneath a tshirt. But as usual, mum, you were right all along; it’s cute and practical!

How to wear it: boyfriend jeans, sneakers, and a dad cap (or a hair scrunchie—we are celebrating the 2000s, after all).

Embroidered ankle boots

Embroidered ankle boots, the love child of my two favourite current trends. I have approximately three pairs of embroidered jeans in my closet right now and countless pairs of ankle boots. If you know me at all, you’ll know I’m obsessed with any kind of funky footwear (this is often to the embarrassment of my family and my boyfriend). I just think that a fantastic pair of shoes is the perfect way to tie together an outfit. Plus, embroidered boots can be dressed up or dressed down; they’re ideal for every situation. Side note—also loving velvet boots right now!

How to wear it: these can be worn with so many different outfits and still look amazing, but I’m currently obsessed with pairing them with straight leg jeans (not to be confused with skinny jeans!).

Utility jumpsuits

As the ancient Chinese proverb goes, “it’s ugly until Rihanna says it’s not”. Jumpsuits are the perfect transition piece from summer into autumn. They’re just like playsuits, but you don’t have to shave your legs. I kind of love the utility jumpsuit. It’s definitely not for everyone, but come on—how many recent trends have looked this comfortable?

How to wear it: roll up those sleeves and pants and chuck on some cute sneakers. Add some jewellery to make it little more ~girly~.

Tartan skirts


Alright, to be fair, tartan skirts have been a favourite of mine since I was about eight years old. I practically live in skirts during fall, and for some reason tartan just screams autumn to me—maybe it’s the whole back-to-school vibe it’s got going on? I don’t know. Anyway, you can catch me with about five tartan skirts in my closet.

How to wear it: with a graphic tee and ankle boots (bonus points if you wear contrasting colours!).


I’m so excited about this one! Don’t ask me why, but I have such a soft spot for flares—and really just 70s era fashion in general. Or maybe I just have a soft spot for Cher and her love of flared pants (seriously, though, she’s a fashion icon). Flares are just so comfortable and fun, and I love to see how the style has evolved over the years. They’re a great statement piece and can be paired with almost anything.

How to wear it: with confidence!

2 thoughts on “Autumn Must-Haves That Aren’t Rain Boots and Sweaters

  1. “As the ancient Chinese proverb goes, “it’s ugly until Rihanna says it’s not”.” I loved that part hahaha! Autumn/Winter is the best kind of season for fashion and I love wish lists, so this post was so great! xx

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