2018 Trend Forecasting


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The question “where are you from?” may soon become obsolete as in today’s culture of globalisation and international travel, boundaries are broken and barriers are crossed. Differing cultures are now fusing together to create an exchange of diverse and contrasting works of art, textiles, colours, and designs, bringing forth a new multicultural revolution. We are preserving local traditions while simultaneously bringing forth a new innovation and cultural fusion. As fashion becomes a language in and of itself, there rests a certain appreciation and acceptance of cultural differences between designers, photographers, models, and consumers alike.


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Fashion has always been the loudest form of silent protest and decorative trapping, crossing the line between personal, unique style and a social—if not political—statement. With sustainability becoming more important in the fashion industry, we are changing the ways in which people produce, wear, and recycle. Through expressive creative minimalism, the fashion industry brings forth convertible and versatile garments. One garment worn many different ways shows the world that less is more. One garment, endless possibilities.


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A completed and defined coordination of patterns and colours has created a certain uniformity. This kind of synchronisation, which manifested itself in the 70s and was echoed in the 90s, has encouraged the following of a consistent theme in playing matchmaker. While the word uniform may once have evoked images of conformity and sameness, we are reinventing the word to emphasise personality and individuality. This overemphasis of both a pattern and colour obsession results in a purposeful exhibition of simplicity and perhaps a relaxed form of professional dressing.

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