Tweed and Plaid and Florals, Oh My!

Last week, Florence came alive in the wake of Pitti Uomo, the world’s largest and most influential menswear fashion fair. The fair is an immersive, hands-on look at the upcoming trends in the menswear industry. Brands from all over the world converge in Florence each year to showcase their ideas for upcoming seasons.

pitti blog post featured image

We were lucky enough to visit Pitti Uomo this year. The thing that first struck me were the outfits worn by everyone visiting Pitti. Forget the displays; the most mesmerizing pieces were on the people walking around. Fur coats, floral suits, tweed jackets, military boots, and plaid pants all seemed to be the go throughout the week. Earth tones appeared everywhere I looked. My personal favourite look was menswear-turned-womenswear.


I love to see fashion pushing social boundaries, especially when it comes to traditional gender norms. A lady rocking a tailored suit? Yes please. A dude walking around in a skirt? Even better. We’ve seen certain celebrities challenging our ideas of gender confinements in fashion (David Bowie, Prince, Harry Styles—hell, even Kanye West has been known to throw on a skirt from time to time), but it’s fantastic seeing regular, everyday people implementing these new ideals in their everyday lives—even if it is just for one week out of the year.

See below for some of my favourite looks from the day


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